Clear Acrylic Makeup Organizer "SleekBox" Brush and Lipstick Holder Acrylic Handle Cosmetic Storage

BeautyFill Box

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BeautyFill Box -- SleekBox

Ever have trouble finding that shade of lipstick or blush in the morning? Are you constantly rummaging through your drawers for that eyeliner you can never seem to find? Well look no more! The SleekBox is the original all-in-one acrylic beauty and makeup organizer and the perfect vanity storage solution for all your beauty needs.

This 4 drawers, 5 tier organizer has an open-concept top compartment, including a 6 section brush holder and 8 slots that hold 2-3 lip products each. The SleekBox is ideal for storing brushes, lipsticks, jewelry, perfumes and whatever else may suit your needs.

• Handmade with museum quality, thick, crystal-clear, lucite acrylic
• Classy and elegant acrylic handle design
• Maximize storage space
• Effortlessly view and access your cosmetics collection
• Proudly display all your beauty essentials in one place
• Great gift idea
• Save time getting ready by knowing where all your makeup is!

- The top two drawers are each 1.5 inches high and designed for smooth sliding. The drawers are easily removable so that you can lay them out to make everything within reach as you’re getting ready. These drawers have built-in "H" and "#" style dividers.

- The second drawer from the bottom is 2.75 inches high. The removable divider in this drawer makes it ideal for blushes, powders and bronzers.

- The bottom drawer is 3.5 inches in height, perfect for nail polishes and pallets.

The SleekBox is large enough to accommodate all your beauty essentials. It measures:

9.75 inches wide
9.75 inches deep
12.75 inches tall

and fits seamlessly in your bathroom, on a vanity, dresser or nightstand.

We pride ourselves on having the best quality organizer on the market. You deserve it and so does your makeup!

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